Monday, April 20, 2009

Has it really been 3 months??

I do not know where the time has gone. I cannot believe it has been 3 months since last posting. There has not been too much that has changed with Eron and I. Eron, still stays busy with work, as usual. I am in the process of applying for my Florida RN license and contemplating getting a job. However, Harper has changed SO much in the last three months. I have many words to describe her, but there are several that are very definitive of her: sassy, smart, silly, spunky, sweet, and kissy, to name a few! She is an absolute blast and joy to be around. We were out of town last week and of course, when we go out of town, her schedule goes out the door. So, we were trying to get her to sleep at about 1130 p.m., 3 1/2 hours past her bedtime, and Eron and I were in tears, because we were laughing so hard at this silly girl. I cannot even tell you what we were laughing at but, she is SO silly that we crack up at her most of the time! She has a ton of personality, and always has, but her personality has really blossomed lately!

She is talking up a storm, eating like a big girl, preferring a fork over a spoon, and growing tall, but not gaining weight. She has not gained any weight since her 15 month checkup in January, weighing in at a measly 22lbs. Her Dr. is not concerned with this and neither am I given, I know how much she eats! She is loving broccoli, frozen green peas, any meat, and her fruit of choice are strawberries, just like her mama! And the normal things, she can point to all of her body parts, she can tell you if her tootsies are stinky, or if her shoes, are stinky for that matter. She is learning to pray and bow her head and she says Amen, quite well. The other night we were saying her bedtime prayers and apparently my prayer was running longer than she thought necessary as, she started to say amen a few times in a row, guess she thought it was time to end the prayer! Her vocabulary consists of about 25-30 words! Some of her favorite daily words are bye, please, amen, poopoo, mommy, ah man, shoes, stinky, tootsies, to name a few! She loves to brush her teeth, too! And also, I guess she likes to eat rocks. She and Eron were "working" in the yard the other day while I was at a baby shower and he looked back at her and she was sitting on the ground with Hunter and they were both chewing rocks! I am glad daddy got them out of her mouth quickly. She must take after her uncle Ryan, because she also likes to eat dog food, while Ryan's preference was Tender Vittles, hers, is dog food.

Every time we pick her up from the nursery at church, her teachers tell me how much she has been kissing on her friend, Jesse and Jacob. Apparently, Jesse is her main squeeze, but as her teacher says, she has become a bit fickle lately and Jacob is receiving most of the affection these days. I have to say she is very affectionate and will love on anyone, but I am not sure why she has chosen these two boys to share her affection with!

Obviously, she keeps us quite entertained and very busy! We love this age and I am so thankful to be able to be home and watch her amaze me every day! We look forward to a busy few months coming up, and I hope to update sooner than 3 months!! Also, I have more pictures to add, but it wont let me, so I will add them in another post!
Hunting Easter eggs

On the Merry-go-round at Busch Gardens

Cousin Sarah and Harper at Busch Gardens

Getting caught in mommy's makeup!


Sherah said...

I can not believe how much she looks like Eron!!! Its crazy! She is so stinkin adorable and I HATE that you live so far away!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss her! And you forgot two of her words that my kids ALWAYS say "just like Harper": PUPPY and Oh MY, just like her Momma, mind you. :)
Can't wait to see you, Miss Harper-Poo!
Aunt Jen

Anonymous said...

Ok, it's now been 3 more months. Blog, please.

Jennifer said...

So, Harper is Team Jacob??? :)